Jeremy Close served his country admirably. He is need of help now.

The handicapped, Marine Corps veteran, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is desperately trying to move his wife and two children into their new home at 1231 Ottawa Ave. in Ottawa before Christmas.

He was scheduled for surgery Wednesday, which will keep him off his feet, so he is fighting the clock.

At this time the family is staying with relatives with no home of their own. He needs help hanging drywall and putting down floors. He has all the material, but not the manpower to finish the job.

A work day is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 21. Any help is greatly appreciated and those assisting need to bring tools.

Chris Kieffer, of Princeton, an Army vet, had 17 volunteers lined up last week, but they had to postpone the event because of inspection requirements.

"He has worked with other agencies over the past year, but the job was left incomplete due to several reasons and the situation is taking a mental toll on his family," Kieffer said.

Contact Kieffer at 815-303-9295 for more information.

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