University of Illinois Extension Educator Susan Glassman presented, Choose It, Count It, Eat It! as part of the Managing Diabetes in a Modern World education series.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2020 indicated that 10.5% of adults manage a diagnosis of diabetes. Of those diagnosed, 89% struggle with overweight and obesity and 38% are unable to meet recommended physical activity guidelines.   

The Choose It, Count It, Eat It free presentation is available to all in a virtual class recording at\nutritionwell.

Glassmann presented research-based information and resources to help persons with diabetes enjoy eating, be nourished and stay on track. During Choose It, Count It, Eat It, she explained healthy meal plan options including the Mediterranean and DASH Diets. Glassman highlighted meal planning using the plate method and discussed carbohydrate counting and dining out.

The session offered how to make food choices based on sound scientific information. She emphasized balance and the importance of making small changes, setting goals and continuing to add healthier options or limiting less healthy options as you go along.

“Healthy eating and meal planning will look different to everyone because it reflects personal preferences, values, traditions, cultures and food budgets,” Glassmann said.

Managing Diabetes in a Modern World Webinar Series is offered on Wednesday mornings, from 10 to 11 a.m. thru Nov. 11, register at The program is free.

The Choose It, Count It, Eat It presentation is available in a virtual class recording at\nutritionwell.

For more information please contact Susan Glassman, extension educator, nutrition & wellness, University of Illinois Extension at or call 815-224-0889.

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