Democratic challenger Dani Brzozowski said she's ready to debate incumbent U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon.

The La Salle Democrat, who is vying for the 16th Congressional District seat, said both campaigns were approached by the DeKalb County League of Women Voters with dates for a debate in September and October. She also said her campaign reached out July 23 in an attempt to set up a debate, but received no response from Kinzinger's campaign.

Two years ago, Kinzinger debated Democratic challenger Sara Dady, of Rockford, on WCMY radio in Ottawa, but did not debate her again, despite Dady's request for more debates.

“I’m ready to debate the issues with Congressman Kinzinger whenever he is," Brzozowski said in a press statement. "The people of the 16th District deserve to hear both of us answer hard questions about the issues they face every single day.

“The Congressman has a reputation for being unwilling to engage with his constituents, but voters deserve to hear from us, and I am ready whenever Congressman Kinzinger is.”

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