Protecting and improving upon the Affordable Care Act is absolutely essential, now more than ever.

Our current leaders have consistently tried to do away with medical coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act and exclude those with pre-existing conditions from receiving necessary coverage.

The Trump Administration filed another lawsuit in its continued efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even as over 5.4 million Americans have lost their health care coverage since March.

The current administration has shown that they have no alternative plan to provide health care coverage should they be successful in abolishing the Affordable Care Act.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger has remained in lock-step with President Trump, siding with the president on over 90% of congressional votes.

Kinzinger has been unavailable to his constituents for years; in the past two years, he held a grand total of one town hall, which was a hastily-scheduled telephone conference in October 2018.

Kinzinger’s challenger this fall, Dani Brzozowski, is a passionate advocate for health care for all.

Illinois’ 16th District deserves to be represented by a legislator who will fight for affordable
health care, be available to her constituents and transparent with her votes and decisions. I am looking forward to casting my vote for Dani Brzozowski in November.

Sara Bartoloni-Pierson


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