I believe we have a problem with BLM as the protests are turning into riots with destruction of building, statues and most of the history of our country is being destroyed.

I feel there must be a law that allows protests, but does not allow riots of destruction. People destroying our country with vandalism, riots, looting and killing our people need to pay the price of jail, prison or even the penalty of death. We need to stop this evil in our nation now!

Lastly, I would like to know why some people feel our country does not treat Black people equal to White people. I have many friends that are Black people and I even have a relative now that is Black and I love them all. They are Christian people and living by Christian ways of doing good for other people. If White or Black people do wrong by breaking the law they need to be punished by the law.

Please call me 815-535-3665 or email me at gaskilltl@gmail.com for comments.

Terry L Gaskill


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