Those who pull up the driveway at Arthur Hovick's farm just off Route 89 in between Ladd and Cherry will most likely spot something unexpected growing near his home ... cacti.

Hovick's night blooming cereus columnar cactus, which started as a plant no bigger than the size of two fists put together, has become five separate plants over the past seven years. The cactus, which was a gift from his son-in-law, Robert Nixon, who lives in Tucson, Ariz., has been cut from "the mother plant" and replanted several times when the plant grew too tall.

The mother plant's stalks are currently shaped like football goal posts, while the other four are single stalks ranging from two to four feet in height. Hovick says the past few years the cacti have produced many blossoms that are white with a pick outer marking.

He says that before the weather turns cold he moves the cacti into his basement and then brings them back out normally in spring when the threat of frost has passed.

"Our weather was a little iffy this spring temperature-wise, so I brought them out a little late," said Hovick. "But they have grown so much since. I'm guessing they'll be blossoming pretty soon."

Hovick said as much as he loves caring for his plants, he will be looking to part ways with some of them if someone would like them.

"I'm going to see if I can put them on the swap shop and hopefully someone that would like one would come and get one," Hovick said. "I've already given a couple away in the past, and while I want to keep a smaller one, I'm hoping someone would like the others."

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