The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Bureau County Recorder of Deeds’ office in the Bureau County Courthouse:

July 1, 2020

Benjamin M. Lafferty to Nancy C. Sampson, warranty deed, Lot 108 in Fritz Addition, Princeton, $160,000.

Dominic and Regina Guerrini to David and Marie Argubright, warranty deed, Lots 9-11 in Block 59 in Greenwood’s Addition, Spring Valley, $199,900.

Ramona and Marcia Noll to Dane T. Moorman, warranty deed, part of Section 35 in Westfield Township, $70,000.

July 2, 2020

John Becker to Joseph and Bonnie Pearson, joint tenancy deed, part of Section 13 in LaMoille Township, $130,000.

Charles and Linda Mercier to Kenneth and Carrie Lenhart, trustees deed, Lot 7 in Block 40, Spring Valley, $40,000.

William E. Swanson to Bradley and Melinda Fritz, administrators deed, part of Lot 99, Princeton, $100,000.

Harry and Dee McCune to Cameron and Donna Klostermann, warranty deed, part of Sections 8 and 17 in Manlius Township, $600,000.

Hannah Rosene to Robbie Butler, warranty deed, part of Lots 6-7 in subdivision E/2 of Lot 109, Princeton, $82,000.

July 6, 2020

Lawrence and Diane Kent to Annette Stamberger, warranty deed, part of Section 5 in Clarion Township, $5,500.

Jennifer Pyszka to Cameron Savage and Mackenzie Zywica, warranty deed, Lot 26 in Blakely’s Estates Subdivision, Dalzell, $164,500.

Robert and Marjorie Lehn to Brittney Green, warranty deed, Lot 9 and part of Lot 8 in Block 4 of James H. Seaton’s Third Addition, Seatonville, $125,000.

Vangelis Fousekas to Claudia Avila, warranty deed, Lot 12 in Block 123 in O’Beirne’s Third Addition, Spring Valley, $80,000.

Julie Balensiefen to Rolando and Connie Ramirez, warranty deed, Lot 11 in Hidden Lake Subdivision, Princeton, $230,000.

Ethan Brandner and Caitlin Rinker to Dominic and Regina Guerrini, warranty deed, part of Section 18 in Hall Township, $325,000.

July 7, 2020

David and Candace Lind to Sean and Danielle Hughes, warranty deed, part of Lot 20, Walnut, $22,500.

Roman Ledergerber to Gregory and Taylor Allen, warranty deed, part of Lot 25, Walnut, $75,000.

July 8, 2020

Linda Aber to Stacey Richardson, warranty deed, part of Lot 2 in Block 49 in East Addition, Sheffield, $20,000.

July 9, 2020

Karen Karraker to Luke McCook and Torri Reinbeck, warranty deed, Lot 1 in Block 39 in Second South Addition, Sheffield, $102,500.

Zachary and Jodi Krause to Robert and Lydia Munn, warranty deed, Lot 4 in Downey Subdivision, Princeton, $125,000.

July 10, 2020

Linda Passini to Albert Gottberg, warranty deed, Lot 1 in Block 5 in Riva’s First Addition, Dalzell, $23,000.

Michael and Susan Bastion to Glenn Biscocho, warranty deed, Lot 118, DePue, $30,000.

Anthony and Jean Panizzi to Brett Gustafson, warranty deed, Lot 9 and part of Lot 10 in Block 45, Ladd, $69,900.

Nellie Giacomelli and Ranelle Kerr to Jessica Hunter and Jeremy Riel, warranty deed, Lots 6-7 in Block 3, Cherry, $88,000.

Jonathan and Susan Dietrich to Drew Cotton and Alissa Frederick, joint tenancy deed, Lot 4 in Block 11 in Union Addition, Princeton, $130,000.

July 13, 2020

Dena Doran to Gary and Mary Ann Holocker, warranty deed, part of Lot 1 in Block 2 in Farnham’s Addition, Princeton, $144,000.

Cale and Lindsay Hollingsworth to Dena Doran and Eric May, warranty deed, part of Lot 5, Princeton, $215,000.

Jeffory and Kristina Rabacchi to Melinda M. Hall Trust, warranty deed, Lot 1 in East Addition, Princeton, $115,000.

Champaign Investments LLC to Tyler Thurston, warranty deed, part of Section 9 in Walnut Township, $14,000.

Loren Owens to Cheyenne and Lisa Hansen, executor deed, part of Lots 1-2 in Block 14, Ohio, $50,000.

Nancy Hopkins to Mickey Franks, warranty deed, Lot 3 in Block 4 in Ross Park Addition, Walnut, $3,000.

July 14, 2020

William Gillette to Brian and Nicolette Duffield, warranty deed, Lot 9 in Block 7 in Johnson’s Second Addition, Spring Valley, $13,500.

Kevin and Sheila Dawson to Brian Berndt, trustees deed, Lot 11 in Connolly’s County Clare Addition, Cherry, $213,000.

James and Judy Ketcham to Garrett Geuther, warranty deed, part of Section 5 in Clarion Township, $167,300.

John Ames to Wayne Roberts and Roxann Sholl, warranty deed, Lot 21 and part of Lots 19-20 in Emerson’s Addition, Buda, $30,000.

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