To the Editor,

I am profoundly disappointed in the way Adam Kinzinger has represented us. While I am not yet oldenough to vote, I can see that he is more accountable to his party than his own constituents.

Kinzinger consistently neglects the needs of the working class with abysmal ratings from the AFL-CIO,AFSCME, and SEIU. As a daughter of two union workers, this directly affects my family. He is alsosimply absent: he has not held a public town hall in over three years, rarely shows up to events tosupport the district, and instead spends his time glad-handing donors in Washington.

Dani Brzozowski is the candidate fighting for us. With strong ties to labor throughout the district,she will put their needs front and center, and give workers adequate representation. She has heldmultiple open, free, and accessible town halls throughout the district and online, and is open toperspectives that run the political spectrum. Brzozowski is a candidate who will work for the people,regardless of political affiliation, and fight for a good policy idea - no matter where, or who, itcomes from. Adam Kinzinger works for his own self-interest. “Former Congressman” is a good title forhim - he will continue to book plenty of TV interviews that way, while we have a representativelooking out for her district.

Grace May


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