NEPONSET — The Neponset Village Board met in regular session on Dec. 19 and conducted the following business:

• Heard Doug Irwin, CPA, state the annual audit was a clean report, and that going to the Environmental Protection Agency to lower loan amounts was a step in the right direction. He said the village still needs to watch its spending, but the board is doing a good job getting costs down.

Committee reports

Public works: Gene Costin reported the plow truck is still broken. The board approved having a committee locate a truck and spend $20,000 maximum.

Police emergency plan: Mandy Donovan reported the Neponset Police are making progress on the vehicles sitting around. They are still working on complaints and the ordinance violation list.

Community events and building permits: The committee is planning a Trivia Night on Feb. 9 as a fundraiser for Picnic Days.

Water and sewer: Dev and Chapman reported updates on the Omni backup phone system for the sewer plant will cost about $300. This doesn’t have to be done until December 2019.

Community Development Block Grant: The village plans to disconnect the water/sewer line to 404 Fourth St. The property owner inquired about getting a demolishing permit. He does not need a permit to demolish. He is welcome to contact the Neponset Fire Department to use this property as a practice burn. The property owner would have to clean up the ashes.

Water tower grant: The village has received the bills for its share of the water tower repair grant. It has gotten the loan. Martin Engineering will then pay the village. The board voted to pay the bills to Willett Hofmann and Maxcor for the work done on the water tower.

Mayor’s report

Tax Levy Ordinance No. 743: The village attorney has written the ordinance for the 2018 annual tax levy. The levy includes approximately a 4 percent increase over the 2017 tax extension spread across various funds.

Insurance payments: The village has received its insurance invoice. The annual cost is $26,540. The board approved paying the first installment of $6,635.

Garbage truck loan: The December payment was $9,619.53. The balance left on the loan is $16,431.77.

Replacement doors: The outside door going to the upstairs and mailboxes needs to be replaced in the office. It will need to be special ordered. Trent Johnson can make the door opening smaller so that door in stock can be purchased instead. The board approved replacing the doors at a $500 maximum.

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