NEPONSET — The Neponset Village Board met in regular session Nov. 21 and conducted the following business:

• Heard from representatives of Jager Insurance Agency regarding the insurance renewal. The premium is down from last year. Last year was $26,972. This year is $26,540.

• Approved the October board minutes, the October treasurer’s report and the November expenditures.

Committee Reports

Public Works: Board member Gene Costin reported that the salt was delivered and being stored in the shed. Salt truck turbo needs to be repaired and will cost $300 to install, labor only. Oil drain tube needs to be replaced also. The board voted to spend up to $1,000 on the needed repairs. Also, a resident on Seventh Street needs to have a bigger tube installed. Cost of tube is about $5 per foot. The village will pay for labor.

Police Emergency Plan: Board member Mandy Donovan reported there was a new ticket issued for a resident on South Street. There is a list of sitting vehicles that the police are following up on. The police will also be ordering new uniforms. The village has patches. There was an anhydrous spill two miles west of town. Bureau County and the Neponset Fire Department responded.

Community Events and Building Permits: Board member Barb Safiran reported the Halloween party was a success. Easton Blake guessed how many eyeballs were in the jar. Costume winners for ages 0-4 were Oliver Stabler, Tanner Helton and Beatrice Smith. Ages 5-8 winners were Reighain Barry, Tenley Dutton and Warren Mott. Ages 9-12 winners were Dustin Watson, Rylee Blades and Leah Loibl.

Finance, Insurance, License and Fees: Board member Ken Snyder inquired about having volunteers help with putting up Christmas lights. The village welcomes volunteers to help with the lights.

Water and Sewer: Board member Sid Dev and Markus Chapman said a shutoff will be put on the water line at Martin Engineering.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG Grant): Two properties cleaned up, but not completely off the hook yet. They are in the process of getting a contractor. They have made excuses as to why they haven’t worked on the property.

Water Tower Grant: The village is waiting on paperwork. There is extra money left over, village board members are asking NCICG if the money can be used to replace four hydrants. If the hydrants were not in the original scope, the village will have to ask permission from DECO. It will cost an additional $500. There is $14,000 left over. The board approved to have NCICG request using the money for the hydrants.

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