NEPONSET — At the Neponset Village Board’s September meeting, the board approved a past-due agreement regarding water bills, which states that 75 percent of the past-due amount must be paid within two months or water will be shut off.

The board approved a motion, with Mayor Dave Mueller casting the tie-breaking vote, to add the statement to the solar ordinance, “No commercial permits will be allowed in the city limits.”

The board learned:

• Al Kaiser and Dan Erdman have patched some of the dips in the streets.

• Ken Snyder said the gazebo at Scott Park has two holes in the roof. He will call a couple of people about repairing it.

• Sid Dev and Markus Chapman reported the water tower was filled and chlorine was added. Two clear tests need to be done before opening.

• Mandy Donovan said the village has another court date for 311 E. South St., which previously had been cited for trash and burning. The village reissued tickets, because they were outdated and needed special wording. The new ticket states a default judgment and a $500 fine if there is a no show. Mueller said the village board did not have to fill out complaints, it just needed to tell the policemen to enforce ordinances.

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