OHIO — Ohio High School Board met in regular session on Aug. 20 and conducted the following business:

• Approved the agenda as amended, minutes of the July 30 meeting as presented, the July treasurer’s report, the student activity report and bills and payroll.

• High school teacher Greta Bates addressed the board during the public session and reported the high school has started off the year great. The math and English support hour at the end of the day is being effectively utilized. Closed campus has shown no problems, in fact some of the students use the time after they finish their lunch to work on homework. Some high school students have used study hall periods to take online classes. Bates has also been notified she has won a $100 grant from Mimic Insurance that she had applied for. She can use these funds for school supplies for students. On behalf of the high school staff, Bates expressed some concern about the timing of the payroll deposit, as the bank did not deposit the payroll into staff accounts until the afternoon on Aug. 20.

• Approved the tentative FY19 budget for public display. Superintendent Jennifer Hamilton discussed the budget and asked all board members to review the tentative budget before next month’s hearing. A budget hearing is set for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 24, with the regular meeting to follow.

• Approved Hamilton and Principal Jason Wilt as qualified evaluators.

• Approved setting the high school tentative graduation date for Saturday, May 18, pending grade school board approval.

• Approved contracts with Quintech Inc., the bus drivers and cafeteria staff.

• Approved tenure for Lynn Lambert, who teaches business, technology and computers.

• Approved Amy Fleck as class of 2022 sponsor.

Superintendent’s report

• Building updates: Occupancy permit granted on Monday, Aug. 13. Final walk through completed on Wednesday, Aug. 15. All equipment, pipes, electrical upgrade is completed. CTS will return in late September or early October to make final inspection of the boiler and equipment for preparing them for usage. CTS will also provide training for staff in how to use the individual classroom and office controls. In addition, Bart Piper will receive training in how to operate the computerized system.

• Enrollment: Grade school has 72 students, high school has 33 students, and the preschool has 10 students.

• New 21st Century employee: Lori Henrickson.

• Teacher salary bill: On Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk. If signed, and if educators continue to negotiate at least an $800 increase to the base, they will be at the $40,000 minimum salary requirement by 2022.

Principal’s report

• Certified staff evaluations: All formal observations, post conferences and final summative evaluations will be completed by March 1 (non-tenured staff only). This will allow for more flexibility to schedule tenured staff members after this deadline.

• Back-to-School Night Kick-Off: The event, held Aug. 15, had a great turnout. High school teachers met with students and parents and kicked off the new school year. PTO served hot dogs, chips and a drink.

• Chronic Absenteeism: For the upcoming ratings that will be determined for FY19 calculations, chronic absenteeism will be counted at 7.5 percent of a school’s total score. An absence is going to be counted as an absence regardless of the reason. So a student who misses with a legitimate doctor’s excuse will be treated the same as a student who purposefully skips school. Chronic absenteeism will most likely be set at 10 percent of the year.

The board will meet again at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, for a budget hearing before moving into the regular scheduled meeting.

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