OHIO — The Ohio High School Board met in regular session on June 25 and conducted the following business:

• Approved the agenda as amended, minutes of the May 21 meeting as presented, the treasurer’s and activity account reports and bills and payroll.

Superintendent’s report

• Summer update: Abatement of pipes is completed. Electricians are running lines to each location of new ventilators. Old radiators have been removed from classrooms. Currently, on track for August completion. An outside cleaning crew will be necessary to prepare for the arrival of teachers and students.

• Athletic Co-Op Committee meeting: Dates and times for a meeting to discuss the success of the co-op and any other additional needs or concerns for both districts.

• Athletic Co-Op Participation Opportunities: Number of Ohio participants for various teams will depend on school-provided transportation.

• Annual school board conference: Nov. 16-18. Registration is open.

• 21st Century update: Adam Weidner has submitted his letter of resignation to the regional office of education. He has accepted a teaching position in Missouri and he will greatly missed by Ohio staff and students.

• End of the year enrollment: High school has 33 students and grade school has 80 students.

Principal’s report

• Attendance update: Five Ohio High School students had perfect attendance for the second semester. Luke Anderson, Katherine Henrikson and Brookelyn Matznick had perfect attendance the entire year. Sixteen students were recognized at awards program for having five absences or less throughout the school year.

• Second semester honor roll: 18 students made honor roll, 10 of which were high honors.

• Review handbook changes: Principal Jason Wilt went through handbook changes with the board.

• Mr. Melendez provided the board an end of the year FFA report. The board appreciated the thorough report and was pleased with the program and with Melendez.

• School registration will be held Aug. 7, from 1 to 7 p.m.

Action items

• Approval to pay bills prior to end of fiscal year.

• Adopted a prevailing wage resolution.

• Approved Worker Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) renewal and Intergovernmental Cooperative Pooling Agreement.

• Approved treasurer bond.

• Approved co-op agreement with LaMoille.

• Approved athletic co-op agreement with Amboy.

• Approved student handbook changes.

• Approved amended final 2017-18 budget.

• Approved Emily Gallagher as the high school and grade school music teacher.

• Approved the second and final approval of 7:50 and 7:300-E1 for compliance.

• Approved Title 1 district plan.

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