Bureau-Putnam Health Dept. reports scores


The Bureau-Putnam County Health Department makes routine and unannounced visits each month to various food service establishments in Bureau and Putnam counties to inspect the operations.

Health inspectors use an identical scorecard at each facility, where they check for health code compliance in 45 areas. Each area carries a rating from one to five, with five being the most critical. Inspectors check the entire operations of the facility in 14 different categories, such as food protection, personnel, and garbage and refuse disposal.

Beginning with a score of 100 points, the health inspector deducts one to five points for every violation. The final total is the facility’s inspection report score. A passing food inspection score is 65 or above.

At 65, the Bureau-Putnam County ordinance allows the health department to close an establishment, but a score doesn’t have to be that low for the department to close it. It depends on the number of critical and non-critical violations and the type of violations. Certain combinations can create a domino effect for food-borne outbreaks.

All inspection reports are a matter of public record and can be seen at the Bureau County Health Department in Princeton.

Bureau County food service evaluations


Jonesy’s Ranch House 88

Sidetracked 98


Azteca Grocery 88

DePue School 99

Giant’s Den 92

Maurico’s Tap 94

VFW Post 4602 79

Casey’s General Store 92

Dawgs Dugout 97

Silver Dome 94

The Junction 98


Ladd Community Consolidated School 99


Hometown Express 88

Neponset School 94


Pizza Cellar 92

Pizza Hut 98

Road Ranger 82

Sullivan Foods/Deli 92

Wise Guys 90

Ye Olde Underground Inn 95

Sullivan Goods/Retail 86

Spring Valley

Golden Mine 80

Hall High School Cafeteria 98

John F. Kennedy School 100


Express Lane 92

Heritage Health 99

Little Blessings 96

Avanti Foods Co. 98


Ecky’s Tap 100

Sock’s Place 99

Putnam County food service evaluations


Mothers 89


Country Stop 96

Rolando’s 98


JD’s 3 76


Markos 96


One Paw’z Pub 97

Moreno’s On Main 89

Food service evaluations conducted Feb. 1 through Feb. 28, 2018.