Bureau County Board enforces mandated electronic citation fee


PRINCETON — With Illinois State Police and other local law enforcement agencies moving toward electronic citations, fees are having to be imposed to help maintain and update the corresponding software.

The Bureau County Board on Tuesday authorized enforcing a state mandated $5 fee in the circuit clerk's office to cover the cost of electronic citations.

The board had to first repeal a resolution it passed in January 2011 for not imposing electric citation fees before it was able to update the new fee cost.

According to the county's new resolution, electronic citations mean the process of transmitting traffic, misdemeanor, municipal ordinance, conservation or other citations. Fees will be paid by defendants who are found guilty.

The new law states that 60 percent of fees collected will be deposited to the circuit clerk's electronic citation fund and 40 percent will be disbursed to the arresting agency to defray costs to establish and maintain electronic citations.

Many law enforcement agencies around the country are tossing out handwritten tickets and moving to electronic citations to improve accuracy, save time and cut paper and printing expenses.

In other news, the board:

• Approved reimbursing a Walnut Ridge Wind Facilitator fee in the amount of $60,000 from the escrow account. According to Marsha Lilley, EMA and Zoning Committee chairwoman, the money had not been used by the County Board.

• Approved the hiring of Sheryl Churney as counsel for the roads agreement with Lone Tree Wind Farm. According to Dan Rabe, Transportation Committee chairman, the board has used Churney is the past on road agreements with other wind farm projects.

• Heard Mike Kohr, Insurance Committee chairman, report a health plan survey will be sent to find the best fit for insurance for county employees. Survey results will be shared at next month's meeting, and the committee will move forward with a plan then, Kohr said.

• Approved a $16,720 bid from Key Builders Construction of Princeton to complete repairs on the west entry roof of the courthouse. Repair work is expected to begin this week.

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