Hassler leaves his mark


I got to talk with Princeton’s ace trap shooter Wayne Hassler the other day and he told me that it has been a good year for him. He has been going to shoots almost every weekend. His wife had to take a picture of him so she could remember what he looks like. He has shot in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois. The outstanding thing is that he has shot 17 100s. To me, this amazing. To shoot 100s and not miss a single one is a major feat.

A couple of years ago, I went to Sparta to watch him. I met with him after he had shot 50 clays and he was dejected. He missed one. “I’m out of it now. Eight other shooters shot 100s in that round.”

This year was different. He tied six other shooters and they went to a shoot off. In the shoot off, he shot a 100. He won the money and a golf car in the Winchester event.
In two weeks, he will shoot in the Missouri open. Good shooting, Wayne.

The Grand American is the greatest shoot in the world. Shooters from all over the world compete in this event. Probably 80-90 percent are from the US. The little town of Sparta is just filled for those 10-12 days.

The state of Illinois finally did something right when they built that complex. When you pull in, there are 3 and 1/2 miles of trap and skeet buildings. They also have several archery and pistol ranges. It more than pays for itself.

• Dove season has already started and from the results I have heard, it hasn’t been too good. I have been watching for them on my bus route and I have not seen that many as I have seen in the past. I guess the weather has something to do with that. With cooler nights they may have left the area a little earlier than in the past.

• The Spring Valley Walleye Club will host a Youth’s Fishing Day Saturday, Oct. 7. This a great event for the area youth. They will be taken out with experienced fishermen for a morning of river fishing. Hats off to the club for sponsoring this day.

• If you are interested in joining up with the PHS Sportsman’s Club for their annual fishing trip to Black Bear Lodge in Canada next spring, give me a call and receive the rest of the information. We welcome all fishermen. There are three weeks to choose from.

• Get out and get a coyote.

Lee Wahlgren is the BCR Outdoor Columnist. Contact him at