Letters to the Editor

‘Why is it so unpatriotic to be patriotic?’


In today’s America, why is it so unpatriotic to be patriotic? The only time I see Americans come together for our own country is the Fourth of July, The Olympics, and in times of tragedy! The BLM, the Antifa, the riots, looters, arsons, and now you get a multi-million dollar NFL football player that started an anti-national anthem craze. Does he have that right? Yes, unfortunately, he does, given to him by the very same country he’s protesting against.

He wants to point out the flaws the U.S. has, but he’s overlooking the facts of what America has done for him and countless others! We`re not perfect, but we`re the closest to perfect a country`s ever gonna be! I wanna mention the anti-presidential slurring that’s going on. Give him a break people! He’s NOT a politician; if he wasn’t a billionaire, he’d be a street brawler. He doesn’t take grief from anyone!

After eight years of our former president running around the world bad mouthing the USA, I’m proud that Trump’s our president! America is made up of people of all colors and creeds, so you tell me what’s wrong with putting America first? What’s wrong with being proud of who you are and where you were born? I’m sick of seeing American born people burning our flag, I’m sick of American born people destroying our historic statues, I’m sick of all the hatred our own people are spewing toward our country! OUR AMERICA! God Bless The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Michael Birdsley