Letters to the Editor

‘Up to the task?’


Will our Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, work to replace NAFTA with a deal that helps us, the people, and not once again just favor big corporations?

Negotiated behind closed doors NAFTA has caused massive job losses by making it easier to off shore jobs. In addition, NAFTA attacks the environment by allowing companies who should know better to indulge in toxic practices abroad that are illegal at home. As a result, our health has suffered and our wages have stagnated.

Facts: Since 1994, one million jobs certified lost to NAFTA. Closed, 60,000 U.S. manufacturing facilities. Wages plummet across the economy as outsourced manufacturing workers join the service sector. Agricultural trade deficit weakens our ag economy as a result of NAFTA.

It’s time to replace NAFTA.  

It’s time to include people and planet in the framework!  

Is Kinzinger up to the task?

Leonardo Legorreta