Letters to the Editor

Shamed for life


It is time for those who keep on asking for increases in pay to ask for a decrease in pay. Illinois is bankrupt and is losing talented people who are leaving the state for positions that are more to their liking when it comes to the tax structure in that state.

Illinois owes almost a quarter of a trillion dollars in pension benefits alone, plus debts have not been paid to schools and medical facilities, and they want to balance the budget on the backs of retired people and people on fixed incomes .

Even Republicans are changing their position to vote for a tax increase. For Republicans to vote for a tax increase, they must be given some incentive by the Democratic party to not oppose them in the next election.

If this is happening to those Republicans who are in the legislature, may they be shamed for the rest of their lives.

It is time to reduce property taxes, taxes on food, taxes on fees, taxes on everything that is harmful to homeowners, workers in any industry, people on fixed incomes, and just about anyone who has a hard time making ends meet.

Politicians find it easy to dip in the back pockets of hard-working people rather than to come up with a better solution to balance the budget. They were given money to come up with a balanced budget, and will they ask for their pay, while they were in the balanced budget special session? I think so!

It is time to get rid of all politicians who look after their own personal benefits, rather than look after the people they are to serve.

Carlo Olivero