Letters to the Editor

Liked the show; disappointed in behavior


As my family and I usually do, we attended the annual fireworks display in the Walnut park on July 2, and it was a terrific show as always.

However, sitting on “the hill,” one has in full display of some of the most rude, inappropriate, and disruptive behavior mankind has to offer.

Personal fireworks set off in close proximity to the public, second-hand smoke (not all from tobacco), pet dung, obnoxious drunken behavior, severe littering, and loud foul language.  Not to mention squabbles over blanket and tarp space, fighting, and children completely out of control.

Unfortunately, most of the offenders are not locals, and it is slowly and surely ruining the once fun family and community atmosphere of the annual fireworks display.

I’m afraid I don’t have any real solutions to these problems but perhaps more police and security presence.  

I just feel that if somehow this isn’t brought under control, many of the folks who have always been loyal supporters of the fabulous Walnut fireworks show will fade away, and the displays will end completely.  

Matthew Lowers