Letters to the Editor

Let the voters decide


A group of very concerned citizens from the Bureau Valley School system has produced and provided a petition for the citizens of Bureau Valley to consider and sign. The petition is focused on having the present Bureau Valley School Board bring their funding resolution to the voters of Bureau Valley.

As of now, the board has passed the resolution in house with a 5 to 1 vote to begin a $5,000,000 Phase 1 project. This project would not be approved or not with any voter input. This type of action is unprecedented within the district.

I am not presenting this letter to critique or ask questions on the resolution. That will certainly come later. Today is all about letting the voters of Bureau Valley know that by signing this petition, the board will be forced to bring to a vote in a referendum next spring. If you believe in what the board is doing, that’s fine, you will be able to cast your vote for the resolution. If you do not believe in the plan, you will be able to cast your no vote. That's simple — that very important right you have as a voter. Every citizen of the district has that right; that is what this country is built on.

The petition is being passed and offered in all of the communities of the Bureau Valley District. If you need info on where it is available in your community, feel free to contact me at brianksmith2001@yahoo.com. Thank you for your consideration.

Brian K. Smith