Letters to the Editor

Giving students their own identity


Beginning in early May, the Bureau Valley Tower Committee was formed at the request of the Bureau Valley School Board. We are a group of volunteers that are parents, faculty, administration and school board members. After tours of school facilities, meetings and open dialogue on the direction of the Buda towers, our committee recommended to the board the towers need to be demolished and faculty and students moved into a short-term solution of portable classrooms. Out of response for the need to give our junior high students from the south end of the district an identity in their own school, the committee recommended to the board to add classrooms on to the high school and a competition gymnasium for the sixth- through eighth-grade students. The current high school was not intended to house these junior high students, thus the need for additional space to aid in scheduling both the junior high and high school curriculums.

Since portable classrooms are not a long-term education solution that we felt viable, the committee did recommend future projects and phases to the board; however, it was our recommendation that any future projects beyond the initial classrooms and gym would need to go to referendum to have the support of the district before continuing. This past week, the BV Board voted to issue debt certificates up to $5 million to fund the classroom and gym expansion. The intention of these dollars would be to go towards the proposal coming from the Tower Committee.

In the weeks to come, the public will more than likely hear of a petition that will be circulated to stop the issuance of debt certificates to fund the classrooms and junior high gym. The Tower Committee would like to ask you to thoughtfully consider the work and recommendation we made to the board to move forward with this project. As parents and faculty members of the students affected, we felt it vitally important to our district that the students south of Manlius receive the same education opportunities that our students north of Manlius currently receive. Giving the junior high students their own identity from the high school students, along with a gym to call home, was a point we unanimously agreed upon. Please consult the school board and/or the administration with questions to help alleviate any fallacies that may come over the next month.

Scott Stoller on behalf

of the Bureau Valley Tower Committee